San Diego based JVA Strategic Art Design has been creating distinct, project specific art for over 45 years. At JVA Art Group, our team of Strategic Art Designers are dedicated to embedding the story of your property into the design.  This is a collaborative process, starting with our own library of over 650,000 photographs from around the world, we then ‘artify’ the work to fit your vision. All work is done in-house, from the original concept design, to creation, printing, framing, installation. Whether it is hanging wall art, wall covering, environmental graphics, mirrors or sculptures. JVA is not just another art curator. They are art creators. 

At JVA Art Group the full staff of artistic visionaries create original works of art for some of the world's leading designers and brands all with concierge level service. Your design story, however eclectic or ambitious, will be brought to life seamlessly to seduce, shape and evoke an extraordinary impression.  And what they create follows your vision, your story. Each project is a custom project- a story that is a collaboration between our team and yours. 

Please let us know how we can assist you and your team with their art and design needs.  www.jvaartgroup.com 


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