To make the best built product in a category is one thing.  To make that best built product that is also the best looking line in its category is...well...that is what Tuuci does.  Tuuci takes the idea of shade to a very different level.  Their proposition:  Umbrellas should not only give shade, but should enhance the look of the environment they are placed into.  

Born out of the marine industry, these umbrellas have been engineered to be work in all manner of commercial environment. All parts are 100% replaceable. But it is first and foremost the styling that catches the eye when it comes to Tuuci. Now with a global presence that covers the US, Europe, the Far East, and South America the collections from Tuuci inspire, enhance, and offer shade to properties all over the world. Please do check out this beautiful line.  Umbrellas, Cabanas, Covered Lounges, Hammocks.  www.tuuci.com

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